Information for Doctors

Referral-FormPlease note that a referral to The Infusion Clinic is for the purpose of parenteral therapy only and does not constitute a referral for investigation or other management.

Who are we?
The Infusion Clinic is Australia’s first truly open-access infusion clinic, allowing all prescribers the opportunity to access an administration service for injectable medications and infusions. We are committed to safe and efficient service with the highest standards of communication and patient care and have developed a state-of-the-art facility in which to establish our first clinic.

Located at the Wales Medical Centre, opposite Prince of Wales Hospital, with reliable public transport links and located immediately adjacent to Pathology and Imaging services, we have embraced the notion of convenient care for all our patients.

We see ourselves as complementing and expanding the scope of general practice and specialist care and aim to be a safe, affordable and accessible alternative to the inefficient access of under-resourced emergency departments and cytotoxic chemotherapy suites.

Available infusions
While we are unable to administer cytotoxic chemotherapy or S8 drugs, we are able to administer most other prescribed medications. Please see Available Infusions for details on our ever-expanding range of services. Please contact us with specific requests.

Minimal waiting times
We pride ourselves on being able to offer an efficient service with minimal waiting times to spare your patients waiting hours for their treatment. We also understand the importance of effective communication and all patient encounters, including any reactions and missed appointments, will be communicated in a timely manner.

We are open 6 days a week and until 5pm on weekdays. We prioritise your urgent patients and strive for same day access, so your patients receive their treatment when they need it.