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Osteoporosis & Bone Health Infusions

We offer specific medications which are part of a group of medicines known as bisphosphonates, and are subsidised by the PBS for use in a number of bone disorders including Osteoporosis and Paget’s disease. These medications cannot be given to patients with low calcium blood levels or to women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

While most medications for osteoporosis are taken weekly , treatments are only once a year, with each infusion given over 15 minutes. In many cases, a single yearly infusion represents a substantial saving in medication costs to the patient and improved effectiveness compared to more frequent dosing of alternate agents which may suffer from accidentally missed doses. In order to help ensure you don’t miss a dose, The Infusion Clinic will send you and your doctor reminder letters to let you know you are due for another infusion.

In order to support kidney health, adequate hydration is important prior to receiving treatment, and it is recommended you drink at least two glasses of water both before and after the infusion. To further ensure hydration we will administer 1 litre of intravenous fluids at the time of the infusion at no extra cost.

If you have never previously taken a medication for osteoporosis, it is recommended you see a dentist and complete any major dental work prior to commencing therapy, as all commonly-used osteoporotic medications can impair healing after dental surgery. If you have already started a medication for osteoporosis, ensure you inform your dentist prior to undertaking any dental work.

If you think this treatment may be suitable for your bone condition, please see your doctor; infusions require a doctor’s prescription and a referral to The Infusion Clinic.

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